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Gaforgaon to Dhaka Train Schedule.

Five intercity train goes Gaforgaon to Dhaka.

Tista Express at 6:10:00 PM
Monday off day

Aghnibina Express at 8:24:00 PM
No off day

Brahmaputra Express at 10:10:00 AM
No off day

Jamuna Express at 5:28:00 AM
No off day

Hawr Express at 12:25:00 PM
Thursday off day

Five mail train also goes Gaforgaon to Dhaka.

Mohua Express at 7:04:00 PM
No off day

Dewangonj Commuter at 4:18:00 PM
No off day

Balaka Express at 4:32:00 PM
No off day

Jamalpur Commuter at 8:38:00 AM
No off day

Vawal Express at 6:40:00 AM
No off day

Schedule may change due to weather or political situation.Railway may update schedule any time.

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