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First Time Journey to Cox's Bazar and Saint Martin

Ah! Finally got a nice blog to share my traveling experience. Well, it was my first time journey to Cox's Bazaar and Saint Martin. Here we go...

It was 2010 when I was studying my Bachelor Degree of Textile Engineering at Pabna Textile Engineering College, Pabna. Like every year the institutions authority arranges a nice tour program for the final year students which is sponsored by Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Bangladesh. By the way, I cannot exactly remember the date of the tour but I remember it was November of 2010 when I was in 4th year of my engineering course.

Total 45 students were the member of the tour along with our 3 respected teacher and 3 other stuffs of college. First we started our journey from campus premises before evening. Noted that, we used our college bus for the whole journey and it was very comfortable to us.

Then we went to Dhaka and at the morning we reached a Chittagong. Before that, we had several journey breaks for dinner and some other purposes.

By the way, reaching Chittagong at first we visited the Mazar of Baized Bostami and then visited Potenga beach in Chittagong town.

Then we started journey by our bus to Cox's Bazaar. We decided to visit Safari Park at the Chittagong-Cox's Bazaar road but as all of us were very tired for the long journey, we postponed the schedule for Safari park. Although we were not able to visit the Safari park finally!

Well, reaching Cox’s bazaar we stayed in a cottage as per our previous booking. And at the afternoon we went to visit local market and the sea beach as well.

From the next day, we went to beach and took bath several times, played football in the beach and enjoyed so so much with all of my friends and teachers.

I remember there were nice photo shooting using our friends excellent camera that helps us to remember the nice moments even today.

After enjoying a lot at Cox's Bazaar, we went to Teknaf to go to Saint Martin by Launch. It was a pleasant morning when we went to Teknaf and went to Saint Martin.

We stayed one night on Saint Martin and I personally loved Saint Martin more than the Cox's Bazaar.

Finally, we come back to Pabna on the 8th day of we started our journey. It was really an excellent time with my friends. Thanks.

Told By: Iqbal

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