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Rangpur to Burimari Burir Hotel Lalmonirhat 200KM by Bike

It was first week of December 2014 I arrived from Dhaka to Rangpur. I have grown up in Rangpur up to ssc exam, so every time I come to Rangpur I love it. We planned to explore Gangachora where my friend Mamun is doing a job. It was off day. He taken me at back of his motorcycle.

There was sudden cold weather, We both dad heavy winter cloth, luckily.

We crossed Mahipal river by boat, you can't imagine how much excitement there when 6 bikes on a boat with few people also. Water was crystal clear, we crossed within a few minutes.

After a few minutes we came near to Kakina. I was talking about Burimari Burir hotel to Mamun. He agreed to go there but the problem is that we do not know how to go. Other thing is it is about 13:00PM, going there and coming back is a matter. After google map view I found location, it is about 80KM away and the road is not so sweet. We were so excited that we started our journey without thinking.

We crossed Patgram then came to Burimari, then we found Burir hotel, we had our launch there. Bought some Indian orange at half price compared to market price. The sun is about to set, we are searching for a shelter. But we agreed to come back. After coming a few KM we found that our hip and legs are painful. Unfortunately I do not know biking, I only ride back. Mamun is driving. The road is not ending. We stopped 5 times while coming back. Pain started to increase. It is night and no way to speed up, road is not smooth.

After long long mental waiting we reached Kakina at 8PM. The remaining road we came back at high speed, cause we know the way.

It was so exciting journey that I and Mamun should remember ever.

Told By: Farhad

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200KM by bike in a single day and like a road Lalmonirhat - Burimari - Patgram = really exciting and nearly impossible job
Replied by Jilani

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