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Visiting Chandpur first time while 10 no weather signal

In the year of 2009 me with my two brothers have visited Chandpur, a district of Chittagong division, and enjoyed some moments those were really unbelievable. Without facing such exciting moments people cannot realize the actual feeling. I am here to share our feeling with you. We have visited our cousin’s home as a part of cultural program but unfortunately or fortunately we have faced 10 number storm signal. Can you imagine that moment for those who live in the bank of river?

Hope all of you know about the culture of our country that is visiting sister’s in-law house when she gives birth. Monday, 25 May 2009 as a part of this program we have to purchase lots of products such as big fish, deshi chicken, polao rice, fruits, dresses for baby, mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc., pan supari (betel nut and betel leaves), and so on. By using different vehicles such as Rickshaw, boat, CNG, ferry, etc. we have reached our sister’s in-law house.

My sister’s in-law house is only less than 1 kilometer far way from main Meghna river. The morning of that day was very beautiful and sun was shining and we were enjoying much with our cousins, uncle, aunts, etc. But after noon weather was becoming cloudy and storm was started. Primarily we could not predict the strength of the storm.

Weather was becoming worst than our expectation. At the evening of the day we have got the news of 10 number storm signal and all of us just got a shock. In that moment we were planning how to survive if the storm strongly attract in the villages. We were very much afraid because the village is so close to the river and if storm attracts we would be mostly affected. Our scare level was highly increased because of Sidor, Aila, and Nargis etc. which have attracted in southern part of Bangladesh and caused massive human and animal death. All of us have knowledge how disaster can be made by a mid level storm. But this storm is not a mid level storm, its signal is number 10! The Mikes (speaker) of each mosque have announced the storm signal and requested each people to go to safe house. But villagers were not as afraid as we were. They were tensed but not afraid and they were trying to make us tension free. We have planned to climb big tree to protect ourselves from big waves. We were also praying to Allah to save us.

In such moment one of us feel natural call and the pressure was extreme. He had to go to bathroom but bathroom is far away from the house and the wind level was extreme. However, he managed two of us to go with him but we saw an unexpected thing that is bathroom’s door is made by cloths it was flying due to wind. The total bathroom was shaking and we thought any time the bathroom could fly away. After that we have sleep with fear of death!! We thought that we might not watch tomorrow’s morning. But after wake up we see a shining sky with no massive disaster. In that moment we felt fresh and tension free.

Although the situation was very dangerous but we have enjoyed very much. It was very much exciting for us even now when we think we can feel that thrilling. After waiting one more day we have returned our village’s home and after staying few days we have returned our workplace Dhaka.

Told By: Masum Riad

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I will go to Chandpur. Where I can stay?
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