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Importance of Mobile Power Bank during tour

A mobile power bank is a simple device that reserve power. Commonly they are 4000mAH to 10000mAH. A 4000mAH can charge an smart phone twice. Cost is not much. From 1000 taka to 3000taka

Get benefit from power bank when you are at long journey. At remote tour you need it. Place like kuakata electricity disappears most of the day.

The device is not heavy. It is 300 gram to 600gram and can fit easily into your pocket.

Caution: Some Chinese company may say 10000mAH power bank at only 700tk but it may not be what it is said. Try branded one.

Also you can use this when you are at home and no electricity. Regular bus journey etc

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I bough Apacer 6600mAh at 1700tk. It is satisfactory really
Added by Wafi

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