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Problems during first time tour and solution

It is more exciting if first time tour. There need some preparation if you are did not hear from others.

Problems: commonly occurred
01. Clothes. It may be too hot or too cold you do not know.
02. Headache problem occurred most of the time.
03. Missing some important things
04. Carrying unnecessary things
05. You are missing
06. empty pocket

01. Know weather condition, forecast of the destination
02. Be relaxed, enjoy. Sleep well when you get scope.
03. Keep things into your control. Search immediately if lost.
04. Do not take so many clothes unless it is not a fashion show tour.
05. Be with small or large group, inform other where you are. Mobile should be with you and charged.
06. Keep some money separate, do not spend them unless necessary. carrying ATM card is a good way.

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