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Singer Lifestraw Portable water filter for travellers

For travelers like me carrying water is not always possible. Sometimes it is a remote tour. To ensure you are drinking pure filtrated water as like as boiled water carry a portable water filter.

It is only 60 to 70 gram
Can filtrate up to 1000 liters of water
Price is not high. Only 1000TK
Very nice design like a pipe
Can be taken into pocket, really
Germ cleaning rate up to 99.99 percent
Dust particle up to 0.2 micron can be removed.
Durable materials used.

Not tested at freezing temperature

Provided by Singer, available at few locations.

Shared By: Asif Zaman

People replied to Singer Lifestraw Portable water filter for travellers

Is it available in Sylhet? Which showroom?
Added by Abdul Motin

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