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Spend less buy more things while tour

Unless spending more is your ego, save money while tour buying same things following a simple rule - buy from outsides. You will get same products from hawkers or from roadside small shop.

Buying from large shop is not always plus when you buy hand made items.
Buying ornaments unless gold,silver from outside is a good way.
Buying local foods from outside is also good way.

Be a part of them, ask their name and contact number. Inform them you will contact again. They will try to give you the best.

Most of the time bargaining works.

Buy from branded shop or large shop when there is a chance of duplication and the price of the product is so high, for example you are buying HD camera with latest features.

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Spending more money for high quality products is not a good idea always. In some cases you can buy exclusive things with little money.
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