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When not to visit Sundarban

Probably you think that you can make a tour to Sundarban anytime, it is not unless you love extreme adventure.

Sundarban is a place where Royal Bengal Tigers live. There are crocodiles, bees, snakes also to welcome(!) you. Forest pirates are also there to take care of you.

Go to Sundarban during tour season October to April. If you are first timer try tour package with agent. You have to collect permission, they will do it in favor of you. Living in ship or launch is more safe that into forest or boat. Watching beautiful scene in group is more enjoyable.

So do not go if -
1. It is not a tour season
2. Alone
3. In night
4. Without permission
5. Without ensuring safety

Exception: If you know what you are doing, you can do it at your own risk.

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