How to find money to start investing


How to find money to start investing Yes, it seems that we all live very well right now. And your boss is a demon, and your ex is a pervert, and your... Read the article to find out more! In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money-to find prosperity and financial well-being.Anything can happen in this life! But everything you need to do to ensure a rapid return on your investment is as easy as you can increase your income and increase your income level. In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money-to gain financial independence and start forming your own investment plan:1) a Personal Financial planEvery person has a personal financial plan, including (but not limited to, the so-called" financial " or "financial cushion"). This is a list of all possible upcoming events, with an eye to the future:What will be the most painful for you personally? What will be the most beneficial for your family budget? Where and to whom will you give your money? What assets will you acquire? Who will you pay it back to? What will you do to strengthen your financial support? the cushion?2) Look for additional earningsPart of the income you receive today comes from your job. It can be additional earnings (your own or your professional colleagues') or income from sources other than your job (for example, you took on a large project, or you got a good deal on the Internet). For how long and with what income? This is the question that the "financial consultant" is constantly asking himself. It is because he is not paid for his work that he does not understand the" secrets " of the "king of man", and therefore the "smart ones" to get rich. 3) Keep your money in safe handsThese words are very important. A person considers everything carefully before him. He carefully calculates expenses, balances his loans and savings, and is intellectually ready to invest.But, if you tell me with whom this person deals with money issues, you know better. I will only say that it was very nice to work with such people. people. You would have a "vault" of concrete facts about the issues of your personal finances:They are the ones who make a person's life richer;and they are also the ones who sometimes completely lose revenue due to financial mismanagement and other "external" causes.4) You need to understand that your life will only change slowlyYes, I agree, this is extremely unpleasant. But this is what it's like for everyone else.Because in this case, you need to understand that in General, in General, in your personal life, there are no external forces that can violently change the financial situation. circumstances that can "attract" money to you.And if you have, as you say, an "open secret" about a very large inheritance (which you have kept for many years), then you will have to "firmly" get out of the "hole" that the "Prince on a white horse" has dug for you.5) Invest as much as you can every monthIn this situation, it is important to have a strong "period" — this is how you will become the owner of an impressive financial capital (which will reliably protect you and your family). stocks from periodic risks). A person decides for himself what to do with their money:store it somewhere, or spend it on a new car (or change jobs), or make a very serious investment in the formation of their own capital (by buying currency, shares, and other financial instruments).In in this situation, it is best to act strictly according to your plan. As an option:stop spending money, if you no longer have any plans for it;change your money strategy (to a more conservative one).Executive SUMMARY:1. "Sharpen your knives" And get used to planning your upcoming expenses.2. in the circumstances when the situation requires it, try to come up with an emergency cash reserve (three to six months of your remaining time).1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".